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Litta Palace cares about you. Discover more about our commitment to ensuring a safe stay.

Litta Palace cares about you

Thanks for choosing us.

Our commitment has never been stronger than today to guarantee you a safe and pleasant stay.

For that reason we have drawn up a protocol of guidelines and good practices for the health of everyone, guests and collaborators, based on the principles of care, attention and pleasure.


  • Personal protective equipment available for guests and signs in the hotel that invite to respect simple behaviors
  • Strict cleaning of the common areas several times a day and periodic sanitization of the rooms, with particular attention to the elevators and the areas of transit
  • Constant hygiene of workstations
  • Prolonged and repeated ventilation of all rooms
  • Strict daily cleaning of the rooms with suitable detergents and disposable materials; rooms are sanitized at each departure
  • Non-essential objects and furnishing accessories, like folders, notebooks, pens, ornamental pillows, have been removed. For any need please ask the reception
  • The staff is constantly informed and trained on the safety measures adopted and to be adopted in the workplace
  • Access to the workplace and staff breaks are regulated according to the new provisions
  • The hotel's Risk Assessment Document has been embedded with a specific attachment concerning the operating procedures to prevent the risk of Covid-19 contagion

Below you will find some indications to better enjoy your stay with us.

Access from the garage

Please use the designated doors for entry and exit only. You will find signs to show you the path.

The elevators can hold a maximum of two people at a time. If you don't want to wait, you can use the stairs.

Check-in / Check-out

Registration and reception will be carried out in the earliest opportunity and in compliance with safety regulations.

If you wish, you can send us your documents electronically so that we can register them in advance.

We remind you that it is still essential to go to the reception to carry out the red tape.

Litta bistrot

The tables and seats have been rearranged with distancing. Family tables are provided as well.

Before seating please wait for instructions from our staff.

The breakfast service is managed buffet style with only access to it by our operator. We kindly ask you to choose what you want and the waiter will serve you at your table.

The breakfast room has a limited number of guests, therefore we kindly ask you to be patient in case the room is full.

Finally we are open for dinner! From Sunday to Thursday, 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. We are waiting for you.

We have set up a very pleasant outdoor area for breakfast, we invite you to take a seat outside to enjoy the good weather and an even more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Litta Cafè

The service is carried out at the table and at the counter with distancing.

The outdoor area set up with tables and comfortable sofas awaits you for a relaxing break.

We will be operating with shorter hours. If you would like to order something during the day, please contact the reception and we will be happy to satisfy your requests.

The gym

Is available by reservation only, one person at a time allowed.

Please contact us in advance to check availability and book your slot.

We kindly ask each guest not to occupy the gym for more than 50 minutes so as to make it available to more people throughout the day.

The gym and the equipment are sanitized after each use.

The sauna and heated indoor swimming pool are not currently available.

The outdoor swimming pool

With immense pleasure we have finally opened our jewel in the crown!

You can use the swimming pool every day from 10 to 20 and relax in the equipped green area.

Please check the regulations available on site.

Access to the area is allowed for a maximum of 30 people, while a maximum of 15 people can enter the pool at the same time.

Please keep 3 feet safety distance and wear your mask, except when bathing or lying on the sun beds.

This hospitality planning could be modified for service needs, we will try to update you promptly.

We trust in your kind cooperation to make the stay of all guests as pleasant and safe as possible.

We invite you to contact us for any need, we will be more than happy to help you.

We will try not to let you miss our expertise and human touch that have always distinguished our hospitality.